• Information Technology
  • 10001 New York, NY
  • Salary: $110,000 - 129,999
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Years of experience: 5-10
  • Licensures: none
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-Minimum 5 years’ experience as a Perfumer
-Bachelor’s degree in the Sciences or equivalent
-Familiar with fragrance formulation
-Experienced olfactory evaluation skills
-Technical knowledge of perfumery materials
-Experienced in analytical equipment’s and interpretation of data such as GC and GCMS
-Strong knowledge in fragrance application, regulatory & safety compliance, QA/QC and manufacturing processes
-Ability to keep current of industry regulations (RIFM, IFRA, etc)
-At ease with IT and new communication tools
-Good interpersonal and communication skills
-Flexible and ability to work under tight deadlines

-Experienced in fragrance reformulation
-Experienced in fragrance applications and/or quality control
-Trained in perfumery school
-Good computer skills and knowledge of SAP & BW
-Able to work independently yet be part of a team.

The position will report directly to the Manager of this Company and will be based in the NY Creative Center. It requires a perfumer with at least 5 years experience with
A strong interest for fragrance reformulation and problem solving,
A strong background with ingredients knowledge and
Team oriented and possesses interpersonal skills

The incumbent will be part of the this Company’s team. He or she will interface daily with the other technical perfumers globally, Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA), commercial team, technical application group, creative perfumers, FDM/FDG and operations.

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