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  • Newport News, VA, 20142
  • Salary: $90,000 - 109,999
  • Education: College
  • Years of experience: 1-2
  • Licensures: N/A
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General Purpose: Physical therapy services are provided for the purpose of treating impairments, functional limitations, disabilities or changes in physical function and health status. The treatment and intervention provided is in accordance with the patient’s plan of care, accepted professional standards of physical therapy practice, applicable law and regulation, as well as applicable Interim Healthcare policies and procedures.

Essential Functions:

Assist the physician or other licensed practitioner in evaluating the level of patient  function and performance and equipment needs as well as in developing t  resulting plan of care/treatment including appropriate long and short   treatment goals, selection of interventions, and the intensity, frequency  and duration of services to meet the needs of an individual patient.
Completes initial and ongoing comprehensive  assessments at appropriate time points as assigned.
Provide  interventions and therapeutic treatment in accordance with the physician      certified plan of care and physical therapy professional standards of  practice.
Regularly  assess changes in the patient’s status since the last visit/treatment day,  and determine whether the planned services should be modified, performing  a re-evaluation and obtaining revision orders from the physician as  indicated.
Advise and consult with the family and/or other caregivers to promote the patient progress toward mutually agreed upon  goals and planning for discharge.
· Participates in educating the patient and the family, and other caregivers to promote patient progress toward mutually established goals.

Actively  communicate with other members of the interdisciplinary or  multidisciplinary healthcare team providing care to the patient to promote  coordination of care.
Prepare and submit legible, relevant and sufficient  documentation – whether written or electronic – of treatment and skilled   intervention provided, as well as report of a patient’s progress toward     goals in accordance with professional standards of practice, policy and   procedures, and requirements.
Participates in quality and performance improvement measures
Participate  in-services or training, as requested.
Able to perform CPR, per organization-specific policy.


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