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  • Salary: $110,000 - 129,999
  • Education: Associate’s Degree
  • Years of experience: 2-5
  • Licensures: N/A
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Seeking a Senior React Developer with back end experience in PHP. Ideally, you have experience in back-end and front-end technologies. You love to take raw ideas and build great products with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You know JavaScript isn’t perfect, but you embrace its functionality and have a passion for coding with it.  But you also have strengths in back-end technologies (PHP/MySQL) and great if know your way around Server Side (you’re comfortable with SSH and familiar with AWS infrastructure).   But most of the time you just want to write simple code and ship new products and features to customers (or improve existing ones).


· Minimum of 5 years full-time experience (Personal, freelance or work) with project(s) to back it up.

· Basic to an intermediate working knowledge of PHP/MySQL, experience with popular frameworks is a plus.

· You must be fluent and have real-life experience with Java script (primarily React and/or React Native).

· Understanding of Behavior Driven Development or Test-Driven Development, experience in developing Unit Tests

· Must be fairly comfortable with hand-coding HTML5 and CSS3

· Familiar with HTML5 canvas, transitions and SVG is a plus

· Experience with GitHub and Node JS is required · Demonstrable understanding of web site development methodologies/frameworks

Nice to Have:

· You love to be challenged. You respect processes but it’s also why you don’t like corporate structure.  You want to be a part of a start-up that is nimble but stable, innovative but not too risky, you want to be able to contribute and not just follow the standards and copy what everyone else is doing.

You love great UX.  Although you spend most of your time coding, you also have an eye for great design and a feel for great UX. Beautiful UI helps weave your code into an impeccable experience for the user.  In short, you care about more than just the code but the entire product and process.

You want to help others. You want to share your knowledge with the rest of your team, building shared tooling for other engineers, and even directly helping customers when the need arises.

You love learning new things. If you don’t know it, you want to learn it.  Part of your R&R time is to research new tech and driving forward your knowledge, always moving to figure things out and improve your experience. Your focus is on front end  JavaScript code, but you also are comfortable with shell scripts, back-end technologies and want to strengthen yourself as Full-Stack.

You can balance lots of concerns. You can take into account performance (using networks and devices that we can’t control), customer demands, UX research, A/B tests, code quality, our rapidly changing ecosystem of modules, etc. You are able to effectively manage your time. You can balance those demands without getting overwhelmed and keep the needle moving forward.


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