• Warehouse & Distribution
  • Mt Vernon, IL, 62915
  • Salary: $90,000 - 109,999
  • Education: College
  • Years of experience: 1-2
  • Licensures: N/A
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Inbound responsibilities include the areas of Receiving, Replenishment, Put-away and Split Case Stocking. Outbound responsibilities include the areas of Shipping, Full and Split Case Picking, RX and Specialty Picking.

Job Responsibilities

• Implements and supports strategic plans as directed by the Manager of Operations and General Manager.
• Provides strategic goals and direction to Function Managers. Works effectively with all levels and shifts of management to ensure DC pyramid goals are met.
• Develops reviews and recommends methods of operational improvement involving equipment, systems, corrections, activities and practices within function areas within their responsibility. Emphasizes safety in all aspects of the operation through direction and review.
• Manages volume and work through supervision of employee movement to meet all service, cost and quality requirements providing service to stores or consumer. Ensures organizational structure by input on hiring and placement, scheduling, work assignments and delegation.
• Effectively mentors and develops Function Managers and employees through training, establishes objectives and communicates policies and procedures while creating employee morale, motivation, commitment.
• Recommends implements and audits Company policies and procedures designed to identify and minimize inventory loss.
• Measures performance compliance and requirements and directs appropriate actions by function managers to maintain performance at or above required levels.
• Prepares, recommends and maintains budget and purchase responsibilities for areas of responsibility, while measuring and adjusting based on performance.
• Plans, recommends, directs and reviews function areas’ payroll, expense and operational budget.
• Ensures compliance with all national, state and local laws and regulations, such as OSHA, DEA, and FDA.
• Ensures fairness and consistency through application of policies and procedures. Maintains appropriate and required records for function areas under his/her responsibility.


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