• Information Technology
  • 44320 Akron, Ohio
  • Salary: $$100,000 – $130,000
  • Education: Professional or Doctorate
  • Years of experience: 2-5
  • Skillset: PHD in the Automotive Simulation arena are of great interest!
  • Licensures: none
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Design, develop, and launch next-generation digital technologies. Join us in a collaborative and hands-on team environment that fosters engineering excellence, creativity, and innovation with a focus on automotive and mobility electronics.

Main Accountabilities
Develop new simulation methods and apply existing methods to new problems related to tire mechanics and tire sensors
Predict tire performance using modeling and analysis of available data
Perform DOEs and analytical techniques to solve problems and understand root causes
Identify data sources and methods to transform the data into useful inputs for analysis
Use data science and statistics to identify patterns in data and how those affect tire performance
Participate in defining engineering approaches and in planning and scheduling work.
Integrate business knowledge and technical skills into specifications and technology development strategy.
Author regular technical communication for executive and cross-functional briefings
Follow established procedures and best practices

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