• Construction
  • Omaha NE 68137
  • Salary: $70,000 - 89,999
  • Education: College
  • Years of experience: 2-5
  • Licensures: Must have a City of Omaha 3rd Grade Engineer License
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The Boiler Technician is an hourly position and is required to monitor, adjust, and maintain operation of variety of plant equipment. The position addresses the work areas of hydraulics, pneumatic, potable water, steam distribution, boilers, water systems and pumping systems. Documentation and record keeping of logs and readings are the responsibility of the Boiler technician. Responsibilities vary across several types of equipment and systems.

The person in this position will attend any necessary meetings that may concern the boiler, hot water system, filter, and air compressors. Be willing to assist engineering and contractors with projects. Self-motivated and able to work alone without supervision; follow instructions, adapt readily to changes, and work well with others.


Must have a City of Omaha 3rd Grade Engineer License
Requires proficiency in multiple skill clusters, such as basic electrical, electrical controls, fluid power, mechanical systems, welding, fabrication, and manufacturing processes
Abilities include standing, walking, bending, stretching, climbing, pushing, and reaching are required in all areas and must be able to climb up and down stairs and ladders
Must be able to push/pull/lift 75 pounds
Previous experience, special training, and formal education in a mechanical capacity is preferred for this outlined position.
This is a floating type job and requires to be open to working different shifts as required
The position requires strong communication skills. Also, must be able to understand technical and training manuals.


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