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For Employers | Free Basic Subscription For Staffing

The Jobs you get to post unlimited will be utilized for our candidate pool of available, hireable and certainly viable candidates and you’ll be presented the best matched candidate profiles for your job requisite to review.

Let’s resolve your company’s staffing needs at a fraction of the cost because we work with you within your budget. Sourcing Made Simple.

PostJobmatches by WorkStaff USA will assist you on what your company budget is on each position by negotiating the percentage cost you’ll pay to fill the job requisite.

Post your job/s for free and set your placement fee. We are a special platform, and we always want to see your company shine, make progressive strides, as you bring on jobs to our community of readily available viable candidates seeking employment, making that win, win matter the most.

Now, you don’t have to pay for advertising we take care of that for you because we have the candidates readily available for you once you post your job/s our PostJobMatches system gets to work for you and matches the best fit candidate/s for that job requisite. You save on advertising in a huge way, not to mention we staff on your budget to earn your business.

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All newly subscribed companies will receive a complimentary gift of either our PostJobMatches by WorkStaff USA company logo T-Shirt, company Door Magnet, a Tumbler or a Coffee Mug package. So, Let’s start hiring!

For Candidates | Free Basic Subscription For Job Searching

Get hired faster with PostJobMatches by WorkStaff USA

Create your new resume ” About me” profile to reference all your Job skills, Education, Certification, Salary expectations and certainly when you’re available to start! (An EZ-Hire Video for the profile is an option) Ask to learn more.

Once you complete your profile, you will be matched with perfect fit jobs to review and apply on an immediate job match search. What are you waiting for? The sooner you create your profile the sooner you can start searching for employment opportunities that picked you.

Our company’s are seeking candidates readily available for hire, if that’s you get onboarded.

Our well established clientele are awaiting to hire you that’s the difference at

Our subscribed companies here are ready to make a deal that’s why they posted there job/s requisite/s because they are hiring a candidate that matches their need. So, make your profile shine and input all accurate information is key. is a changer to get a company to see you as a potential new employee as quick as applying to the position.

A job match isn’t guaranteed until you interview and receive an offer letter like usual, but it’s a greater chance of getting hired sooner because our clientele, companies have posted their job/s requisite to receive candidates and when you matched their criteria and are marked as hireable in the system you’re one step closer to being hired. When you’re marked as hireable on a job match from the company’s choice it is the first step that the company likes what they see on your profile. So, subscribe and create your PostJobMatches profile and shine. Let’s get you hired!

~By the way~ All new hires will receive a complimentary gift of either our PostJobMatches by WorkStaff USA company logo T-Shirt, a Tumbler or a Coffee Mug package. So, Let’s get you hired!